Five Minutes of Friendship

German original Title: Fünf Minuten Freundschaft
Length: 9’30 min
Theme : GDR border guards and their fear of
each other; friendship within the limits of the Stasi system
Genre : Tragicomedy, Drama
Year of production : 2014
Place of production : Probstzella, Leipzig Germany
Format of the screening copy : DCP, ProRes, Blueray
Production Company: DGS Filmproduktion

The short film is the winner of the Green Belt film contest, a project of Friends of the Earth Germany for 25 years of existence of the nature reserve along the former innerGerman border.

National People’s Army soldier Ralf Schaller is on patrol along the border for the first time with his strict supervisor. When this suddenly leaves the prescribed path he sees himself forced to act.

As former National People’s Army border guard the Berlin Schaller returns once a year to his old operation site. Wild nature overgrows the once clearfelled area of the border region. The lanscape is changing rapidly. Schaller remembers how he was exposed to fear and mistrust during his term of service. He sees himself patrolling with Corporal Mazze for the first time. His trust is consequentially put to test and he has to experience what friendship can mean in such a situation

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